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PT. Motocourse Technology ( mototech)
PT. Motocourse Technology ( mototech)
Pengapian Racing
Pengapian Racing
Pengapian racing yang terdiri dari CDI,Magnet,Sepul,Koil,Busi dan lain-lain

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CDI Rextor Adjustable
CDI Rextor....

Price: Rp. 550.000 / Seed

Rextor Adjustable CDI made by PT. Rextor Technology Indonesia, it' s use for daily or racing motorcycle and 14 ignition kurve that can be selected manually.

http: / / youtu.be/ ....

CDI Rextor Limited Edition RR ( Programmable)
CDI Rextor Limited....

Price: 1000000

Limited Edition Rextor RR CDI, smaller dimensions with better performance, easily applied and setting. New software and programming cable, more simple and easy to use. Increase....

CDI Rextor Monster RR ( DC Programmable)
CDI Rextor Monster....

Price: 2000000

Rextor Monster RR CDI, small dimensions with large ignition energy. Software, cables, a convenient feature for programming it. The degree of ignition can be setup per 250 rpm, and....

CDI Rextor Xtreme Programmable AC
CDI Rextor Xtreme....

Price: 1000000

Rextor Xtreme Programmable CDI AC series. Design for racing use and fit for Yamaha Vega ignition part. Programmable with 14 ignition curve stored in memory.


Price: 2500000

Rextor CDI Pro Drag New Series, proven as programmable racing ignition that can increase the engine performance so well. Lot' s of new future that can improve the power and torque....

Cdi Rextor Prodrag 2
Cdi Rextor Prodrag 2

Price: Rp. 3.000.000 / Seed (nego)

CDI Prodrag2 with more and more features, the same as before with the additional Prodrag include:

1.Quick shifter: Turn off the ignition when switching gears on a machine....

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